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For over 5 decades MSIL has been successful in fulfilling the perennial demand of the students for quality notebooks at affordable price with its well-known brands of “VIDYA” & “LEKHAK”. Apart from the student notebooks, drawing and graph books, Paper Division has a full range of school and office stationery including computer stationery, security printed certificates etc. Company is operating through 6 Branches and 8 Depot located across the State (Bangalore, Mysore, Davangere, Hassan, Hubli, Mangalore, Gulbarga and Bijapur) for sale of Notebooks, School bags and Stationery items. “VIDYA” & “LEKHAK” Brand is even today a household name due to its time-tested quality, service and robust market presence.

MSIL supervises manufacturing and distribution of Vidya and Lekhak products. The manufacturing process has socio-economic implications as it has given Employment opportunity to a large number of Micro and small-scale Enterprises. Distribution is carried out through retail outlets and depots but customized are also booked directly to schools, colleges and co-operative societies.

About Vidya and Lekhak:

LEKHAK: Company’s Paper Division was established in the year 1974-75 to supply Lekhak Notebooks under the 20-point program of the GOI at subsidized rate to student community in the state of Karnataka as per the guidelines of Govt. of Karnataka. A panel of approved converters produced the notebooks and the sales were routed through Public Distribution System. Lekhak became a popular brand due to its high quality and low-price owing to government subsidy.

VIDYA: In the mid 80’s when the Government withdrew the subsidy on Paper, MSIL introduced another brand Vidya with 60 GSM top quality writing paper at normal market price during 1986-87. After VIDYA notebooks were introduced, Lekhak books were discontinued for some time to make the market to realize that the government subsidy for paper no more existed and the notebooks produced by MSIL was priced at regular market price. Nevertheless, due to Lekhak book’s popularity, Company continued with the Lekhak brand but with 54 GSM moderate quality writing Paper to provide the books at affordable low price. During 1992-93, under Vishwa programme of Govt. of Karnataka, the conversion of notebooks was given to Vishwa beneficiaries as per the Govt. order enabling Cottage/Micro industries to produce notebooks as per specification of MSIL